10 Stunning Facts About Human Body That Every Person Must Know

Human body is one of the best creations of the nature. How we walk, talk and do daily chores is truly amazing. Here given are the facts that you don’t find in your text books.


  1. In the morning, we are 1 centimeter taller than in the evening.
  2. Our Fingers Are Extremely Sensitive, If fingers are converted in to size of Earth, they can even detect the difference of the car and house.
  3. Human Eyes Get Some Power. If Earth is completely flat, our eyes have the power to spot the candle lightened 30 miles away.
  4. Humans and bananas have 50% similar DNA composition.
  5. Every Month We Replace Our Outer Skin!! In the total lifetime, average humans shed 40 pounds of skin.
  6. In just a single day, blood completes 12,000 miles distance around the body.
  7. About 90% of the human cells don’t have the human origin. They are originated from bacteria and fungi.
  8. Around 20% of the total body calorie and oxygen intake is consumed by the human brain; although by mass, brain is only 2% of the body.
  9. The speed of the sneezing is about 100 mph.
  10. The size of the full bladder is about the size of the softbal.

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