6 Worst Jobs For Your Health in the World Right Now

Some jobs come with considerable advantages and perks, while others with such hideous disadvantages that it becomes impossible to go to work every day without letting it affect your health. Therefore, here’s a list of the 10 jobs that are just about the worst jobs for your health. Check them out:



1. Dentists

This is one of the highest paying, but worst jobs in the world as it poses a huge health threat to the dentists. The dental material, lubricating oil, solvents and X-ray processing chemicals may cause skin infection. Similarly sharp objects used during the process can result in viral infections such as hepatitis B.

These occupations, listed above, are considered to be worst for health and may lead to several psychological and biological problems, yet if those professionals implement precautionary measures while performing their job and can save themselves from these issues to lead the healthy life.

2. Flight Attendants

Saying that this job falls under the jobs that damage your health might come off as a surprise to you but it is one of the unhealthiest jobs that you can ever do. Providing help to many unknown people, holding their baggage, etc. can lead to exposure to contaminants and infections of many kinds. It is also one of the worst health impacting jobs when it comes to the timings, as there are no fixed timings of this job which deteriorates one’s health majorly.

3. Mining

Mining has always been one of the worst jobs for your health too, but it doesn’t have to be the unsafe job. Probabilities of miners’ dying are ever-present resulting from explosions, cave-ins, and equipment accident. Miners are exposed to burns, cuts, bites as well as some infections due to exposure to unhealthy and hazardous work conditions. In addition to this, miners face many health dangers like working in hazardous gases, dust, fumes and loud noises.

4. Veterinarians

The job of a vet is to treat injured or sick animals of all kinds. These animals can be brought in by humans as their pets or sometimes even stray animals can be brought in. Vets expose themselves to unknown threats and contaminants that transfer to them through the sick or injured animals that they treat. They are also exposed to infections and flu from the animals.

5. Podiatrists

In a profession like this one, a person goes through the human foot and its diseases as well as deformities to find out what is wrong with it and the person itself. Several occupational related complaints have been reported regarding exposure of nail dust. Biological dust from the foot may deposit into the respiratory system, nose, and conjunctiva. Because, Podiatrists expose themselves to dust, they are also vulnerable to conjunctivitis, itching, tearing asthma attack, and coughing.

6. Elevator Installers and Repairers

This job is among the worst jobs and is also significantly risky for anyone and everyone. Installing an elevator is not an easy task, and it includes tackling wires and electricity. People employed in this profession might suffer from electric shocks, cuts, and burns, the risk of life during installation or repair of the elevator, etc. It is also worth mentioning here that They work in poor working conditions that also negatively impact their health.


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