8 Effective Ways To Build Your Facebook Audience Without Paying For Ads



It’s very simple, the better audience you have, the more customers you will have.

How do you get this engagement without spending money on advertising?

1. Post Several Times A Day

This does not always have to be your content. It can be as simple as sharing a link to an article that will be of interest to those in your group. You will have better response with this if you add your thoughts or pose a question as well.

2. Add A Facebook ‘Like’ Button To Your Website

This is an easy way for people to like your Facebook page without even leaving your website. When a visitor comes to your website and reads your content, they can immediately ‘Like’ your page.

3. Include A Link To Your Facebook Page As Guest Author

There are thousands of blogs out there. Authors don’t want to write all the time, but they do have readers! By becoming a guest author, this will also give you more exposure to your page.

4. Connect Your Facebook Profile To Your Facebook Page

In your Facebook profile, include the name of your business with a link that will take them to your page. I have seen people put something very generic like, “Work From Home” or “Maker of Dreams Come True”, but that doesn’t really say anything specific about your business.

5. Provide A Link In Your Email Signature

At the bottom of your email include a direct link to your Facebook page. You can use something like Wise Stamp to create a professional email signature. This gives them an option to click on an image instead of a link and can provide much higher engagement.

6. Share On Other Social Media Platforms

It is easy to cross-reference your Facebook page with other social media sites. You can automatically set it up so each Facebook post will automatically post to Twitter and other sites as well. This will save you a ton of time.

7. Promote To the Right Audience

I see many Facebook posts that are not very targeted. For example, if you are targeting internet marketing, become specific in who you are posting to. Use the targeting tools in Facebook and go with specific names such as Frank Kern. Your audience will know who that is and be more likely to follow.

8. Interact With Your Page And Other Pages

This may sound simple, but use your own Facebook page to grow your audience. Then interact with other Facebook pages out there. Make a thoughtful comment on their posts. This is a great way to reach out to other people, but DO NOT spam them!

Social media is all about engagement and relationship. By following these steps, harness the power of Facebook to enhance and grow your business.

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