Body Functions That Don’t Stop Even After Death

Did you know that there are several body functions that continue on even after you die? It may be hard to believe but your body can do continue a couple of basic functions in a span of minutes, hours or even days after death! Here are a few examples you ought to know.


Nail and Hair Growth

After death, skin loses moisture and starts to pull back. This leads to more hair and nails being exposed. Since nail and hair lengths are measured from tip to where they meet the skin, the process seemingly gives the idea that hair and nails persist growing even after death.

Brain Activity

Even after the body has stopped breathing and the heart has stopped pumping, the brain can continue to function for a couple more minutes. It scrambles for nutrients and oxygen it needs, sometimes to a point where it damages itself irreparably. With the help of drugs, the time can be extended up to days. This give doctors an opportunity to save lives but there isn’t always a guarantee.

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