Cab Driver Finds $187,000 In Backpack Left Behind By Passenger

when one cab driver in New England found a bag containing nearly $200,000, people praised him for actually finding a way to return it to its rightful owner. Read on to find out how things unfolded.



Ray “Buzzy” MacCausland had been driving a cab for over 50 years. Throughout his time, he had seen and heard everything–or so he thought. Then, last week, he picked up a passenger and drove the man to a hotel.

The gentleman requested that Ray wait for him outside the hotel, and left a backpack in the rear of the car as a show of good faith that he was coming back. About thirty minutes later, however, he had still not returned.

Not wanting to leave the man stranded at the hotel, Ray took it upon himself to look inside the bag for an ID or some clue as to the man’s identity.

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