Cat Who Goes To The Bathroom Like A Human Ends Up Wasting The Entire Roll Of Toilet Paper

The worst part about having a pet cat is the smell of their litter box. You can ask any cat owner out there, and they are sure to all say the same thing. No matter where in the house you try to hide it or any kind of product out there that claims to be able to cover the smell, the scent of litter will still find a way to infiltrate your home. It does not matter how much you love your pet, this smell is never welcomed in any house.


To combat this odor, some people have begun to potty train their cats. This means that they use the same toilet that their human masters do, eliminating the need for a smelly litter box. You might not want to race to test this out right away, though, as this video shows that cats using the toilet has certain drawbacks as well.

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