Dad Creates Amazing Pirate Ship Bedroom For His 6-Year-Old Son

Kids already have thirsty imaginations, so what better to feed them than a bedroom that would allow their brains to pulse with creativity? That’s how one father felt about the way he wanted his son, Zach, to experience the world, so he found a team to design a bedroom that would give his 6-year-old the bedroom of his wildest dreams. Enter: Steve Kuhl.



With 2 weeks to design and only 4 weeks to turn concepts into reality, Kuhl had his work cut out for him, but the masterpiece was nothing short of spectacular.

With the room’s walls painted blue and adorned with underwater creatures of every shape and size, a giant pirate ship floats from the ceiling above.

A rope bridge connects the ship to a jail cell, complete with a steel door that admittedly, even the adults get a kick out of.

If Zach ever feels like a having a sleepover, a bed is tucked away near the captain’s wheel of the ship, and when they’re ready to turn in and put on their pajamas, well, there’s a rope that slides down into the bedroom closet. There are even “cannon ports” in the side of the ship that serve as lookouts for Zach and his friends.



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