Do You Have Habit Of Plucking Your Nasal Hair? Stop It Today!

Nasal hair is gross and embarrassing for most men, as it comes off you don’t properly groom. This leads to many men grabbing tweezers to rid themselves of being a hairy monster…but it’s NOT a good idea!
  • Your nasal hairs are connected to numerous nerves in your brain, and plucking them could result in permanent nerve damage.

  • No Waxing – You may think waxing is a better and safer solution, but it also can lead to trauma!
  • Cilia – Cilia is the tiny hair found in your nose, which is there to protect your nose from pathogens and bacteria you may encounter daily. Removing these hairs gives a clear pathway for microorganisms to infect your body….
  • Meningitis – Meningitis can ultimately be developed because of the lack of protection in your nose. Make sure to clean your nose with water before removing any unwanted hair.
  • The safest way to rid yourself of nasal hair is by trimming, as it does not remove the entire cilia, but instead reduces its appearance.

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