The Inspiring Story Behind ‘Two Blind Brothers’ Who Created A Fashion Line To Help Find Cures For Eye Disease

You might recognize Bryan and Bradford Manning. The two brothers recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss their amazing fashion line, Two Blind Brothers —  a collection with 100 percent proceeds going toward preclinical research to cure eye disease. The line was inspired by their own experiences, as both brothers were diagnosed with a condition called Stargardt disease that causes them to lose their vision over time.

To learn more, we dedicated this episode of Clairity to speaking with Bryan and Bradford about their amazing work. We met them at their production space in New York City — a vibrant room filled with positive energy, and, of course, their super-soft tees that are designed based on sense of touch — and spoke to the brothers about how they started the collection, their keen attention to detail, and why it’s so important for people to stay positive in the face of a challenge.


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