Skin Cancer Survivor And Her Teenage Daughter Created A Skincare Line To Empower Young Girls

When Christy Prunier was in high school, she had no skincare routine. But she did spend plenty of time in the sun, believing that a tan would make her look healthy. She also treated her acne with the harshest topicals she could get her hands on, believing that they would treat her skin best. “I was so wrong,” Prunier told A Plus. “At 29 years old, I was diagnosed with skin cancer under my eye and had MOHS surgery to remove it.”

Many teenage girls are unaware of best practices when it comes to taking care of their skin. Just like Prunier, they may mistakenly use harsh, unsafe products or ignore sunscreen. So when Prunier’s daughter, Willa Doss, started to take an interest in caring for her skin, she searched beauty retailers and health food stores for safe products. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find any safe options that her daughter also loved. Doss found the options for her age group to be too cutesy, too heavy, and too intensely perfumed. Her mom had a hard time finding products with ingredients she could trust.



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