The Rubberboy

Hailing from Punjab in the north of India, Jaspreet Singh Kalra’s signature moves include contorting his legs so far backwards that they rest on his shoulders. The twisty teen can even rotate his head 180 degrees so he is facing backwards – like Meryl Streep’s character in the classic Goldie Hawn film ‘Death Becomes Her’.

Surinder Kaur Kalra, Jaspreet’s mother, said: “When he was born, we had no idea he had this kind of talent. “We became aware when he was 10 or maybe 11 years of age, when he started showing his flexibility by twisting and turning his neck, hands and other body parts.”

Jaspreet says he only started to grasp the full extent of his extreme bendiness when he started doing yoga at the age of 12.

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