This Video Footage Of A Monster Whirlpool Is Seriously Scary


It is a scary sight, a monstrous whirlpool devouring any and everything in its path. Filmed in Dviete, Latvia, near the banks of the Daugava River, the YouTube video shows a frightful scene of nature in rare form.

here the video

While you might have heard of maelstroms, or powerful whirlpools which can consume just about anything, this whirlpool is on a lower scale but just as scary. What seems to be a hole of no more than 12 inches in diameter, the forceful water is drawing everything to its opening. Ice, bedrock, bush and scrubs,  is spared as the extraordinary phenomenon looks like a plug has been pulled from the sea floor. Although the audio is in a different language, the 7-minute clip is ghastly enough for us to draw our conclusions as to what the person filming the video is saying.

Such an occurrence is not that rare in the study of the planet. According to The Watchers, a scientific research website, in an article detailing two humongous whirlpool vortexes off the coast of South America, scientists concluded that these whirlpools are formed as a result of vertical currents. The motions appear because of the differences in water density which is caused by variation in temperatures of water layers.


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